CEO Matthew Magga OC Night Lights Inc.

Our Mission 

Orange County Nights Lights Inc. is dedicated to providing Excellent Customer Service, an Exceptional Work Ethic, and a High Quality Professional Experience.

To achieve our mission,  our company follows a set of values. Our clients are our top priority and we will strive to ensure the best direction that suits your needs.  

Our Values include: Integrity, Passion, Accountability, Quality, and Collaboration. 


President : Matthew Magga

Orange County Nights Lights Inc. was established in 2002. Prior to creating OC Night Lights, Matt was working in tech industry installing professional Home Theatre systems, Home Security Systems and complete Home Networking systems. 

While working in the industry, he learned interior lighting design, wiring schematics and installation methods. During this time, he recognized that lighting was much more than installing wires to a location. He learned that Interior Lighting design was exactly what created the ambiance and warmth within the home. Matt had found a new passion and realized that quality lighting design essentially turns into an art form.

Matt is always looking to provide his existing and potential clients new ideas, new technology ,exceptional customer service and the latest and unsurpassed quality LED Landscape Lighting products on the market today.